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I purchased a puppy from Angela Thomas, Dazzlin Tibetan Terriers. She sold the puppy at a reduced price so I was not too upset about him having an ear infection and a hernia when I picked him up.

However, I noticed a couple of months later that the back of his legs were shaking and he would cry, so I took him to the Vet and he was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. When I took possession of the puppy, she claimed that she was going to be at a dog show meeting me at a gas station never giving me her address. I tried to call her but of course she did not answer so I emailed her informing her of the situation requesting her address since the contract stated that I could return the puppy but she refused to give it to me. She requested proof and I again requested her address so I could send it to her and she still refused requesting that I scan it to her.

My Vet emailed me the x ray and I forwarded it her showing his condition. After receiving the radio-graph, she stated that she and her Vet felt it was not caused by genetics but by injury going against the diagnosis from my Vet as well as the Orthopedic surgeon at UT in Knoxville. She also stated that there was no proof that this was his rapidograph. The surgeon at UT said there was only a narrow time frame for him to have the TPO surgery and since there was nothing there holding his hip in place, my choices were to go ahead with the surgery or let him suffer.

Although I understand that hip dysplasia can not be seen until the puppy has transferred to the new owner, if the parents are infected then it is very likely that their offspring will be infected as well. The suffering that this puppy has been through due to her being irresponsible and negligent is abuse and it will impact him as well as us for the rest of our lives.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dazzlin Tibetan Terriers Dog.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Good breeders will be registered with their national breed club. In this case it would be the national Tibetan Terrier club. Good breeders will also let you inspect their breeding facilities.


Stop buying dogs for crying out loud! You're supporting this messed up, puppy mill, puppy suffering practice!

Adopt, save a life. And if you happened to have gotten a puppy with issues do everything in your power to help the poor thing.


I don't know how these people can write this lies about Dazzlin Tibetan Terriers. I've brought 5 puppies from them over the last 4 years and have never had any problem with any of them.

We have taken all of them to the vet and all have clean bill of health. Angela has show us how to show all of the dogs as there become old enough. She will meet me at the show and actually teach us every thing we need to do, I do not know of any breeders that goes that far to work with the purchaser to care for there dogs.

I do not know how anyone could say Dazzlin Tibetan Terriers is a puppy mill. All of our dogs are beautiful and health.

to Phil Anoka, Minnesota, United States #1172848

***. Very few dogs are show quality, even dogs born to CH titled dogs.


This rebuttal makes no sense - if a puppy was sold that is dysplastic - then nothing else matters except that the breeder be held responsible whether she wants to or not. The pedigree has HD throughout so it should be no surprise.

Glad sites like this allow consumers to voice their experiences.

Englewood, Colorado, United States #614868

this post is an outright lie,also,bob colemans post/derek b deboard/on the sex offenders list in chicago ill. johnson city and deboard were both offered another puppy but refused , and deboard sent his back the next day,johnson city and deboard both signed a contract,the one from johnson city lied she never called just sent e-mails and instead of talking like an adult she was accusing from the start,she was offered a differen't puppy when she showed the proof,but at the same time she refused to give her vets name and address so he or she could be contacted.this is all that i'm going to say on this,people can make up there minds,at least they have both sides of the story,one more thing,she lied about the cost it would only cost about 4 thousand dollares to do both hips.any way there may be a slander suite in this.thanks

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